Unique products from local designers, artisans and creators. Uniting form and functionality, each object appropriates quality and distinction to daily rituals.

Florentine Kitchen Knives

Quality, handmade kitchen knives designed for the professional chef as well as for the everyday cook. A solid, top-quality tool that has the power to completely change the kitchen experience. These knives offer a fusion of East and West, inspired by the designers’ own heritage. The final result is a useful object that combines the contemporary with the timeless.


Slicer is a knife with a straight blade, mainly designed to cut protein or any other item that needs to be cut with a long movement. A combination of a hidden pin and a covering made of beech wood, fastened with stainless steel rivets.

Leds C4

Leds C4 draws shapes and plays with them. Focusing on the small details can generate different atmospheres and unique situations. Leds C4 influences the interior space, making it smaller or larger, open or closed.


Designed by the creative director of our partner studio, Francesc Vilaró. Cocktail is balance, creativity and industrialization. Innovation and aesthetics. A portable lamp that offers the perfect atmosphere for each moment. Its versatile design and timeless forms allow for the creation of multiple ambiences. The lamp is interactive, and it invites the user to tilt the head in various directions to illuminate objects on a table or simply to play with the angle of the diffuser.