Beech wood and stainless steel foldable ham holder. Perfect for fans of elegance, functionality and design, and for people that, do not know where to keep the stand after finishing the ham.

   FSC   certificado ecoembes

designed by Diba Studio

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148 €

Made of wood from beech forests of FSC certified origin and 304L stainless steel, Lojamonero S is an innovative foldable ham holder "100% zero km": each part has been designed and produced in Barcelona. Its quick and easy to use, just rase the arm to 29,7cm and fixe it with a latch.

Once folded, it’s very compact (40x17x4cm) and can be stored in a drawer. Its structure and its treated materials can be easily cleaned, either directly with water or with a cloth.

Morevorer, its non slip feet keep it secretly on the table. Making it easier to cut and to get the most from your ham. Design, functionality, elegance and practicality: all in one product, perfect for the challenges of the modern kitchen.

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Our guarantee includes the repair, replacement or exchange of the product and/or components without charge to the customer, including workmanship, as well as the transport costs for the compliance of this certificate, by submitting the purchase invoice.

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